An Heiress To Remember: The Audio Excerpt

audio excerpt

Once upon a time, Wes Dalton and Beatrice Goodwin used to be lovers. Now this divorced duchess and millionaire merchant prince are rivals for her family’s department store at the turn of the century in New York City. Listen as these former lovers realize they’re now rivals in this enhanced audio excerpt of An Heiress To Remember.

CREDITS: Script adapted by Courtney Wetzel, Meghan Jones and Maya Rodale. Directed by Courtney Wetzel. Acted by Meghan Jones and Ryan Blackwell. Sound editing by Jonathan Ashley.

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An Heiress To Remember: The Novel

An Heiress To Remember

Can a scandalized heiress… Beatrice Goodwin left Manhattan a duchess and has returned a divorcee, ready to seize control of her fate and the family business. Goodwin’s Department Store, once the pinnacle of fashion, has fallen from favor thanks to Dalton’s, its glamorous competitor across the street. But this rivalry has a distinctly personal edge…

And a self-made tycoon… For Wes Dalton, Beatrice has always been the one—the one who broke his young heart by marrying a duke, and now, the one whose cherished store he plans to buy, just so he can destroy it. It’s the perfect revenge against a family who believed he’d never be good enough for their daughter—until Beatrice’s return complicates everything…

Find happily ever after at last? While Goodwin’s and Dalton’s duel to be the finest store in Gilded Age Manhattan, Beatrice and Wes succumb to a desire that has only deepened with time. Adversaries by day, lovers by night, both will soon have to decide which is sweeter: winning the battle, or thoroughly losing their hearts…

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