My Bad Boy Billionaire series is coming to a screen near you!

I am DELIGHTED to announce that my Bad Boy Billionaire series has been optioned by Passionflix and will be brought to life on screen! Passionflix, a studio and streaming platform launching this September, is dedicated to turning our favorite romance novels into movies and series. Think Netflicks–but with content by women, about women, and for women. HEA included! 

Deleted Scene: The Wicked Wallflower

I adore this little scene with Emma, Olivia and Prudence trying to decide what to pack for a house party where one is faking an engagement with a duke in order to be named heir to a fortune. I mean really, what do you wear in that situation? Alas, this scene didn’t make it in the final version of the book, but here it is for your amusement!