Speaking Engagements

As a passionate advocate for the romance genre and how it empowers its authors and readers, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to groups ranging from female executives at GE’s exclusive Leading & Learning event to librarians in Canada and college students at Duke University. I’d love to come speak to your group, even though I might not be tall enough to see over the podium.

Photo by Paul Brissman

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Feminists Take On The Romance Genre at The Strand—May 2017
  • GE Leading & Learning—May 2015
  • Ontario Library Association RA in a Day conference—October 2015
  • Unsuitable @ Duke University—October 2014
  • WORD Brooklyn—2013

Here’s what people have to say


After over ten years in the romance bidness, I’ve learned a lot about writing great books and navigating the publishing industry. Now I teach workshops that share my secrets. I have dressed up and presented to local RWA chapters in North Carolina, Florida and Maryland and have also presented via webinar (dressing up optional, woot!). Contact me about visiting your group.

How to write the right stories—fast!

To succeed in publishing today, an author needs to frequently publish marketable and discoverable books. This workshop will help authors decide which stories to write (without compromising their passion) and show an innovative method to craft high impact, emotionally driven, fast-paced stories on a deadline.

How to build your loyal readership

A loyal readership is essential to a successful writing career. This business workshop will show authors how to use data to identify the best ways to reach their audience and develop a strong readership, so they double down on marketing strategies that work, ditch what doesn’t, and spend more time writing the next book. This workshop is best for published authors.

I believe that all powerpoint presentations should include cat pictures.
I believe that all powerpoint presentations should include cat pictures.

Here’s what people have to say

“Few romance authors can create clear, concise presentations on the craft. Even fewer can deliver them with the engaging personality Maya exhibited.”
–Author Andy Palmer, Maryland Romance Writers

Book Clubs

I’m a big fan of book clubs and happy to swing yours for a visit! I’m available to join your real life bookclub via Skype or stop by your Facebook Group for chats and giveaways. Contact me about visiting your group or to get your copy of discussion questions and behind the scenes info and inspo.