The Tattooed Duke


The Tattooed Duke

Breaking news, scandal fans! 

You thought you knew the dangerous Duke of Wycliff, London’s globe-trotting adventure addict. Here’s what you don’t know: he’s penniless. Sebastian Digby’s dukely lifestyle is over forever unless he finds a rich bride. But thanks to The London Weekly, everyone knows better than to tangle with this lothario. Besides (as one writer can testify), it seems that Sebastian has been unable to keep his hands of his own lowly housemaid…
And that’s a problem. A big one. 

Because that housemaid just happens to be me. Eliza Fielding. The same undercover Writing Girl who’s been exposing the Duke’s most intimate secrets to the world. And now I’ve gone and complicated everything by falling love with him. Passion and deception have never been so delicious, but now the truth could destroy everything. This is more than a conflict of interest. It’s a seduction where love itself hangs in the balance.





The first line

They said he had been a pirate. It seemed utterly believable. The other rumors about Sebastian Digby, Duke of Wycliff, were equally riveting. . It was said that he had charmed and seduced his way across countries and continents…

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In which our hero returns from years of adventuring abroad and our heroine concocts a dangerous and daring scheme to infiltrate his household so she might expose his secrets in the scandal laden pages of The London Weekly.   As one does. Read–>

Book stats

  • Book #3 in the Writing Girl Series
  • Pub Date: 02/28/12
  • Publisher: Avon
  • ISBN: 978-0062088925

The Writing Girl series

Oh the people you’ll meet and the parties you’ll go to in the Regency world of The Writing Girls. Get the behind the scenes details, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the series. Explore–>


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