The Rogue and the Rival


The Rogue and the Rival by Maya Rodale

Six long years have passed since Angela Sullivan set eyes on a man. Six years since the man she loved ruined her–and her parents banished her to Stanbrook Abbey, where she’s now preparing to take her vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity. But when the abbey takes in a handsome–if impudent–injured rogue, it will take divine intervention for Angela to quell her sinful thoughts…
If Lord Phillip were not in such pain from his riding accident, he would consider himself lucky to be staying in a building full of women. But his rakish reputation has preceded him. True, Phillip may not be his angelic twin brother, but as days become weeks, his thoughts of Angela grow nobler–even as Angela’s thoughts of him become less than holy…





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The Rogue and the Rival by Maya Rodale

The first line

Time had been good to Phillip Kensington, Marquis of Huntley, even though he certainly did not deserve it.


Book stats

  • Book #2 in the Negligent Chaperone Series
  • Pub date: 11/04/08
  • Publisher: Berkley
  • ISBN: 978-0425224526


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