The Heir and the Spare


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All of London is raving about the newly arrived American, Emilia Highhart. She has beauty, charm, wit, and a hint of the exotic. Unfortunately, grace is decidedly not one of her virtues. Staircases, doors, even floors have proven her enemies, often leaving Emilia prostrate and mortified in a pile of muslin. Nevertheless, at her first ball, her dance card soon fills with the names of highly suitable men. But Emilia’s eyes are on just one man—the one her aunt points out as the entirely unsuitable Lord Phillip…
In fact, he isn’t Lord Phillip. While Phillip, the heir, goes about spending the good family’s funds, his identical twin, Devon, the spare, must attend society functions as Lord Phillip—all because of a few blasted minutes’ age difference. Soon, both twins are vying for Emilia. And, under the not-so-watchful eye of Lady Palmerston, aunt and chaperone to the young lady, Emilia is unknowingly courted by two different men with the same face! But only one of them is the love of her life…


It was not the first time that Devon Kensington had been mistaken for his twin. Nor was it the first time that their father, His Grace, the 17th Duke of Buckingham, had demanded that Devon accept the consequences for whatever stupid, reckless act his brother Phillip had committed. It was not the first time that Devon had agreed.


  • Book #1 in the Negligent Chaperone Series
  • Pub date: 08/07/07
  • Publisher: Berkley
  • ISBN: 978-0425217634



In The Heir and the Spare you’ll meet “Evil Twin” Phillip who goes on to find true love and redemption in The Rogue and the Rival



  • “A lively and delightful Regency romance.” – Fresh Fiction
  • “Maya Rodale has written a fascinating story with a rich plot that is filled with the beauty of passion and romance. The Heir and the Spare is a definite keeper.”–Romance Reader At Heart
  • “This is a debut novel that is going to be hard to beat with a sophomore effort.” –The Romance Reader
  • The Heir and the Spare is a dazzling, exciting and sexy book that will have readers glued to the pages from the beginning till the end.”–The Romance Readers Connection
  • “…a compassionate, sensitive and sensual love story about a young man fighting to be his own man and the young woman who follows her heart and shows him the meaning of love. This is a most satisfying book for a summer day.” — Romantic Times



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