A Tale of Two Lovers


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He is notorious.

Lord Simon Roxbury is a godsend to gossip columnists everywhere. This notorious rake has recently been caught in an extremely compromising position by none other than The London Weekly‘s Lady of Distinction. Rumor also has it that Lord R received an ultimatum: be wed or be penniless.

She is scandalous.

As A Lady of Distinction, Lady Julianna Somerset typically reports on other people’s scandals, but soon she finds herself embroiled in a very public battle with an irate Lord Roxbury–one that leaves her reputation in tatters and her position at The Weekly on the line.

Together they’re…respectable?!

With no other choice available, these two enemies unite in a marriage of convenience to rescue both their reputations and secure his fortune. With their rivals intent on revealing the charade, Lady Julianna and Lord Simon inevitably surrender to temptation. It may just be a love match after all…





The first line

The backstage of the Drury Lane playhouse was no place for ladies but Julianna, Lady Somerset had suffered enough of what proper women did and did not do. She adjusted the short veil slightly obscuring her face, clung to the shadows and kept her eyes wide open for scandal.

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In which our hero and heroine engage in a heated debate  (scandal! drama! secrets!) and a heated kiss (but of course!). In other words, it’s “just another” soiree in the Writing Girl world. Start reading–>

Book stats

  • Book #2 in the Writing Girl Series
  • Pub Date: 04/26/11
  • Publisher: Avon
  • ISBN: 978-0061922992


The Writing Girl series

Oh the people you’ll meet and the parties you’ll go to in the Regency world of The Writing Girls. Get the behind the scenes details, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the series. Start exploring–>



The reviews


“A sexy historical romp.”
Publisher’s Weekly, starred review!


Original and intriguing, A TALE OF TWO LOVERS is sure to delight historical fans who are looking for something new in historical England.
The Romance Reviews


Readers who enjoy empowered women and alpha males will adore this installment in the Writing Girl series. Her quick wit is only matched by her characters’ high jinks and a touch of mystery.”
RT Book Reviews.


It was incredibly witty, with a twist of mystery, and [featured] an undeniable chemistry between Simon and Juliana.
Shameless Romance Reviews


The chemistry between Julianna and Roxbury is palpable that I was getting butterflies in my stomach every time they were together.
The Season


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