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My next project is Dangerous Books For Girls, a book about why romance novels have a bad reputation and why people shouldn’t be ashamed of reading these awesome books. I’m interviewing many authors, bloggers, romance industry folks and I want to make sure to include the opinions of readers! Lots and lots of readers! If you have a few minutes, please considering taking this survey about your deepest thoughts and innermost feelings of our beloved genre.

Must Reads: Romance Novels with Wallflowers

There is just something so lovable about wallflowers and the romances they star in. Perhaps it’s because so many readers empathize with those brilliant, witty but introverted and overlooked girls. There are many reasons to adore them–and in an article for RT BookReviews I count the top ten reasons to love wallflowers. Here are some of my favorite romance novels featuring wallflowers:

Thank you! What a Wallflower Wants is a USA TODAY bestseller!

Dear readers: thank you all so much for making What a Wallflower Wants a USATODAY bestseller! It means so much to me to know that so many readers found Prudence and John’s story. And I am deeply appreciative of all the readers who have stuck with me, book after book. I must also thank my mom for making me romance novels in the first place, my family for their unwavering support, all my friends, Penelope, the whole team at Avon books, my Lady Authors and most especially my husband. Since it was my first time on the list, it was a big night in our house. Here’s what went down…