The Gilded Age Girls Club

In which fierce, feisty and independent 19th century women form a secret, subversive ladies club to change the world…and happen to find true love. Welcome to the Gilded Age Girls club. #LifeLibertyHappilyEverAfter.

Who is in the Gilded Age Girls Club?

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Behind The Scenes Stories

The Prequel: Harriet’s Great Idea

Find out how The Gilded Age Girls Club began in this prequel to the series based on real life events. When Jane Cunningham Croly was banned from a Press Association dinner, she got mad. And formed a club to advance women professionally. As one does. Because #sisterhood. Because #LifeLibertyHappyEverAfter. Get your free copy of this story by signing up for my newsletter.

    • Duchess By Design
      Book #1
      Published: November, 2018
      ISBN: 978-0062838803


    • Some Like It Scandalous
      Book #2
      Published: Summer, 2019