Who’s Who at The London Weekly

The Writing Girls and their dear Mr. Knightly aren’t the only one’s churning out London’s most popular newspaper. There’s a lively bunch of characters you may meet. Can you believe I made this stuff up but had to refer back to the book for some of these characters? Here’s the cheat sheet:

A rant on historical accuracy in romance novels

Whenever I hear of an uproar over some usually minor inaccuracy in a historical romance novel I think one thing: Spies. While the Regency police are in up in arms about improper title usage, legal wrangling, rules of succession, the date when the shower or pen or other object was invented, or the exact dress fashions of 1816, I think: Spies.

Fact & Fiction: about my research

I wrote the first two writing girl books while I was in graduate school, studying early 19th century British literature. One class in particular was absolutely invaluable to my research: The Economy of Print Media. Basically, we studied the cheap, “trashy”, real stuff that people were actually reading: periodicals, railway novels, and, of course, newspapers.