Funny books by Funny Ladies

Sometimes, I just need to read something hysterical. Like, snorting with laughter hilarious. Like, laughing so hard and for so long that The Husband finally looks up from his computer screen to ask what the heck is so funny. These are some books that make that happen.

Must Reads: Romance Novels with Wallflowers

There is just something so lovable about wallflowers and the romances they star in. Perhaps it’s because so many readers empathize with those brilliant, witty but introverted and overlooked girls. There are many reasons to adore them–and in an article for RT BookReviews I count the top ten reasons to love wallflowers. Here are some of my favorite romance novels featuring wallflowers:

Must Reads! Summer Romance Reading

I’m sharing my favorite hot, sexy romance novels with the Scribd blog! Check out my favorite romances ranging from Jane Austen (guess which one of her novels is my favorite?) to contemporary romances…with some earls, pirates and Southern belles. These are the perfect books to read poolside, or up late on a hot summer night. Happy reading!

Fun, Flirty Reads for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time again when the whole world is obsessed with love. These romantic reads will get you in the mood for romance and/or will be an excellent accompaniment to a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine. They might also give you some (naughty) ideas of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While a few of these titles are pure escapist fantasy, there are few stories of real-life romance, too.

The Real Men Who Read Romance Novels

It is a truth universally acknowledged that men do not read or write romance novels…unless they are attempting to “cash in” or use phrases like bodice ripper or burning desire. However, according to statistics from Romance Writers of America, 9% of romance readers are guys. Who are the real men who read and write romance novels just because they like it? I spoke with a few of them and about the portrayal of men in the genre, how people react to them, and how to make these books more appealing to dudes. Here’s what they have to say…