Maya’s Must Reads: Researching The Gilded Age

One frequently asked question I get is this: do you do research for your books? The answer, of course, is yes. OMG YES. Especially with my new series, The Gilded Age Girls Club, which is set in New York City in 1895. I wasn’t familiar with the time period the way I was with the Regency era and so I had to start essentially from scratch. This required a lot of fascinating reading.

I found these books browsing in libraries, book stores museum gift shops (The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is 100% for interesting history books), and going down the internet rabbit hole that somehow always ended with me ordering something weird from Amazon third party sellers.


My Must Read Gilded Age Book List


Special shout out to the Bowery Boys podcast so I can do research while cooking dinner. #HowIGetItDone

I was also completely lucky that the Fashion Institute of Technology’s museum was hosting an exhibit “From Pockets To Purses” and the New York Historical Society had an exhibit “Feathers: Fashion and the Fight for Wildlife” just as I was writing a book that was all about pockets and feathers and fashion. How fortuitous! But that is life in New York City for you 😉


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