Author Life: What it’s like to finish writing a book

The life of an author is usually a daily slog of words. I count them as I go—in 500 words, I can check twitter. In 1000 words, I can take a lunch break. After 2000 I can call it a day. Sometimes the words come easily and sometimes they do not. There are sexy words, emotional words, witty words, descriptive words. The more words I write and the further into the book I get, the more consumed I become by the fictional world I’m creating and the characters who inhabit it.


And then, one day, I finish the story.


Here’s what happens next:


Send email to editor with manuscript attached. Try to contain oneself.


Once the manuscript is sent to my editor it is officially Not My Problem.* 

It’s definitely time for a dance party.


Next I must tend to everything in my life that has fallen by the wayside as I frantically finished up the book. This includes but is not limited to…



Human contact.

Paying bills.

Catching up on tv shows, movies and the rest of the world.

Sklothing around my apartment doing absolutely nothing and not feeling guilty about it.


There must be champagne, of course.


Champagne leads to more dancing. This time with a little less coordination and greater risk of injury.


*If it’s a first draft, all this fun times goodness is tempered by the knowledge that one day soon, this manuscript will come back to me with notes of things to fix. Lots of notes. Then I will revise and resubmit and resume celebrations.


And then there will be copy edits to do.


And then there will be page proofs. And when those are turned in the book is DONE DONE DONE and you are not allowed to work on it any more at all whatsoever. Then it’s really time for a champagne dance party. The next big thing to celebrate? Holding the finished, printed book in my hands 😃 Time for another dance party!


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