Behind the scenes: Chasing Lady Amelia

This is the blog where I share my inspiration for Chasing Lady Amelia and a few behind the scenes stories of writing it! The best part of writing it was certainly re-watching the movie Roman Holiday and the worst part…well, see below about the revisions. Happy reading!


The story is based on the movie Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. It is my most favorite movie of all time. Even more than The Princess Bride.



It is not actually based on Chasing Liberty, staring Mandy Moore and an actor with a British Accent though it is totally clear why one would think so. I think Chasing Lady Amelia is a far better title than London Holiday.



I wrote the first chapter on a plane from New York City to San Francisco. Oddly, I don’t remember writing anything else after that.

The hero, Alistair, is half Indian and his story was inspired by this article on interracial marriages in The Guardian.

Astute readers will know that the first book in the series, Lady’s Bridget Diary, riffs on Pride & Prejudice, in which a runaway sister is a key plot point. That gave me the idea for Amelia’s story, and the Roman Holiday plot seemed to fit so perfectly. So in a way, Amelia is inspired by Lydia Bennet Wickham (but hopefully a bit smarter).

I scrapped the original ending in revisions.

And then I rewrote it after brainstorming a new ending with the husband over dinner. Welcome to dinner table conversation in our house! But first I had to procrastinate:

And then I scrapped the ending AGAIN. Basically, one of the elements I had constructed the entire book around never worked and had to go. #KillYourDarlings #StoryFirst #WritingIsRewriting

You can check out more inspiration for this book on my Keeping Up With The Cavendishes Pinterest board, including illustrations and images of the places Amelia and Alistair ran off to.

I write to music. Here’s what was on repeat: 1989 by Taylor Swift/Ryan Adams and Jenny Owens Young and Alessia Cara.

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