Oh, the Places I’ve written!

Once upon a time, in order to write, I needed everything to be just so. My laptop, a beverage, my couch, the hours between five a.m. and 10 a.m. Or a my laptop, a beverage, a cafe between the hours of three and five p.m. But then one of my writing buddies—hi Ann!— was like “Eff it. I’m going to learn to be able to write whenever, wherever.” I was inspired. I expanded my writing locations to include airplanes, kitchen tables, trains, waiting rooms, etc, etc. As long as I have my laptop. And a beverage.


Here are some snapshots of me at work…


Writing at the kitchen table on deadline

Clearly am on prosecco and (organic) cheesy poof fueled writing binge while finishing up Lady Bridget’s Diary. 










Writing on the couch with supervision from Lady Miss Penny

I’m probably at work on either A Groom of One’s Own or A Tale of Two Lovers. 



Writing on vacation in the Caribbean

I don’t go in the sun between the hours of 10 and 2. Also, the muse likes pina coladas. I think I’m working on The Tattooed Duke in this picture.



Writing at my favorite cafe (with wine, it helps with the kissy kissy sex scenes)

I think this is a peek at What a Wallflower Wants. 



Writing at my dog-friendly hotel lobby. With Pet Supervision

shiba inu lady miss penny


Writing on vacation in California  (See above about the Pina Colada muse)

The work in progress? Lady Claire is All That. Looks like I should take a break to clean my computer screen!

2016-02-18 14.23.47


Writing on the couch, but the Cat has other ideas

Here I’m working on “revisions” for Lady Claire Is All That and probably not minding the distraction 🙂


Delegating to Lady Miss Penny

penny couch




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