Introducing the Cavendishes

I have finally done it. I have finally written a family saga series. Given the prevalence of these in Romancelandia, it’s about time. Dear reader, may I present the Cavendish family to you?* It has been a delight for me to make their acquaintance** and I cannot wait for everyone to fall in love with them.


First, there is The Duchess of Durham

dowager duchess
The dowager countess inspired my duchess.

She had ONE JOB and that is to ensure the dukedom succeeds for another generation, even if it means tracking down her late husband’s heir in America, of all the God forsaken places in the world. She is one of those terrifying dragon duchess who stroll through ballrooms striking fear in the hearts of the haute ton. I adore her.


duke inspiration
This image is only marginally relevant but I think we can all agree it’s absolutely necessary.

Next there is the New Duke of Durham.

Otherwise known as James. Before The Inheritance, he kept busy with raising and training horses, raising three impossible younger sisters, and flirting with all the girls in the village. After The Inheritance, he’s busy with this tedious duke business, trying to keep track of three impossible younger sisters, and flirting with one woman in particular. The one with whom he absolutely should not flirt. I will not tell you who she is just yet.


lady bridget
What is she writing in her diary?!

And then there is Lady Bridget.

She has never quite fit in, and now she has a chance to start over in London and become a True Lady. This is more difficult than anticipated and she writes all about it in her diary. She also writes about being in love with Mr. Wright, despising the Dreadful Lord Darcy, the ongoing failure of her reducing diet and at least three scandalous things that would ruin them all if her diary fell into the wrong hands.


lady amelia
Where is she going?!

Lady Amelia is Trouble.

That is all. As the youngest Cavendish, she likes to explore and is she is used to much more freedom and always getting her way. So it’s no surprise that she ditches etiquette lessons to go explore London. No, she does not go alone. And yes, her companion is totally a rogue (in the very best way).


claire insp
Ada Lovelace is the inspiration for Lady Claire.

Lady Claire is oh-so clever.

After my Wallflower series, readers wrote to me asking how on earth I could write a book about The Difference Engine and not include an Ada Lovelace character. Well, here she is. Lady Claire is brilliant at math and far too smart for the haute ton, which doesn’t exactly make her popular. But she has more important things to worry about.


Read more about the series!


* Is that the proper way to perform an introduction? I should know this by now! Somewhere, the duchess is frowning and Bridget is murmuring her agreement.

** Or should I say make up their acquaintance?




Sounds wonderful!

Nelle's Nightstand (@NellesNiteStand)

I got to meet the Cavendishes today! I have an early eARC. I spent the whole day with them 🙂 I have to say, they are some great characters!! Oh, the Duchess grew on me! I can’t wait to read Amelia’s story!

Maya Rodale

Yay! So glad you enjoyed them and I’m excited for you to read Amelia’s story 🙂 I was writing Claire’s romance today.

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