Excerpt: That Moment When You Fall in Love (from At the Billionaire’s Wedding)


The following is an excerpt from my novella for the anthology At The Billionaire’s Wedding by The Lady Authors aka Caroline Linden, Katharine Ashe, Miranda Neville and MOI. Fun fact! The billionaire at the altar is Duke Austen, my Bad Boy Billionaire!


British media mogul Damien Knightly needs to publish a tabloid story about Jane & Dukes wedding. His girlfriend and reporter Roxanna Lane must protect the bride & groom’s privacy at all costs. What are these two lovers to do?


Damien only had eyes for Roxanna. That minx was slowly threading her way through the crowd toward him. Their gazes locked. His drifted to her perfect pout of a mouth, then lower. He had perfected the cool exterior. But he had not been able to tamp down the flames he felt inside whenever she was near.

Roxanna leaned in close to whisper in his ear, a rush of air stealing across his skin as she spoke: “I won’t put out unless you tell me why you need this story about Jane and Duke’s wedding.”

He breathed in deeply, inhaling that scent that was just her and that went to his head. And he said in a low rumble: “And I will not ‘put out’ as you Americans so crudely put it, until you write the story.”

“This is going to be a long week,” she lamented, tracing her fingertips down the lapel of his bespoke suit. In her other hand, a nearly empty champagne glass dangled precariously from her hand.

“Do we need separate rooms?” He didn’t mean it.

“Oh hell no,” she said in a low, throaty voice that made him aroused. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You may retire to the floor if you find you are unable to restrain yourself from my gorgeous self.”


Roxanna Lane was everything he wanted in a woman: beautiful and bold, passionate, fiercely intelligent, outspoken, and not cowed by his aloof demeanor.

They had met when they were stuck in an elevator together at the Jezebel offices. Instead of spending the time fuming about being late for a meeting, or taking the opportunity to return calls and answer e-mails, Roxanna had had him laughing, sparring, and regretting the installation of security cameras.

A series of “accidental” encounters and casual invitations ensued. Then he began to pursue her in earnest.

She made him break all his rules about separating business and pleasure and about separating pleasure and emotions.

Which is why he hated to ask her to do this story. But there was only one thing that mattered to him more than anything and it was on the line.

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