Fetch the smelling salts: I’m an award winning author!

RT reviewers choice award

I am so honored to have won a Reviewers’ Choice Award from RT Book Reviews! I must thank the Duke of Ashbrooke, hero of The Wicked Wallflower, for making so many readers swoon and for seducing someone into giving him the Historical K.I.S.S. Award. Those who are acquainted with His Grace know that he is quite the irresistable charmer!


I’m so grateful to win my first award for writing. In fact, my first award EVER (unless you count the Smokey the Bear coloring contest in the first grade). I’d like to thank the Academy. I’d like to thank RT Books and the reviewers. Many thanks to my editor, publisher, beta readers and the Lady Authors for helping me craft and create my books. I suppose I should thank The Husband who assumes that all my books are about him. Beaucoup de thanks to my friends, family and the Lady Miss Penny!


Last but not least: thank you to my readers! It is such a joy to share these stories with y’all 🙂



Well deserved! I love your stories and your writing voice. Congratulations!

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