Sneak peeks and scandals!

All sorts of scheming and plotting has been happening, I’m delighted to say. For one thing, I have glimpsed the cover art for the first book in my new series and  I daresay it is one of the sexiest covers I have ever set eyes upon. I cannot wait to share it but I have been FORBIDDEN by my editor. Alas! But seriously: IT’S HOT.

While we wait the Avon art department to work their magic on yet another beautiful cover creation here’s a snippet from the upcoming interlacing books! (Author’s note: Yes, I totally named my contemporary hero Duke.)


New York City, modern times

Duke dropped to one knee. He clasped my hands in his. A hush fell over the rooftop. All the fabulous people suddenly were interested in me. Us. This farce.

“Jane, will you marry me?”

I looked around—everyone was watching this scene unfold. A few even had their camera phones held aloft. This video would be on YouTube within minutes. If I said no…


London, 1824

            The duke remained on one knee, peering at her with an earnest look in his eyes and a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Emily, will you marry me?”

“Are you mad?”

“Smile, darling, they’re watching,” he murmured.

“Your Grace, we both know this betrothal announcement is…a joke. It’s not real,” she told him. That much had to be said. She owed him that.

“I’m not an idiot, Emma,” Blake said frankly, though he smiled as if he were in the midst of a proposal, because he still remained on bended knee. “I know that someone with a warped sense of humor or twisted idea of vengeance thought it’d be an amusing prank to announce an engagement between two people who have never met. I don’t know what kind of unhinged person would do such a thing.”

Emma declined to offer further intelligence on the matter.


I should mention that the first book in the new series, The Wicked Wallflower, is available for pre-order on Amazon. You can also pre-order the corresponding contemporary novella, The Bad Boy Billionaire from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


In the meantime, have you checked out Seducing the Single Lady? In other words: did you read the shocking revelation shared by one Amazon reviewer? It’s true: in my Beyoncé inspired novella there is a Katy Perry moment. (But it doesn’t taste like cherry chapstick because that wasn’t invented yet. Obvs.) The novella is now available at Kobo in addition to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Any minute now iBookstore readers can score their copy!


Besides writing and listening to pop music, I’ve also been practicing dramatically reading from Seducing Mr. Knightly in anticipation of an upcoming event that I am THRILLED to be a part of.  My alma mater, NYU invited me to read with a few other published alumni at an event called Authors In Action. If you’re in the NYC area on February 27th I’d love to see you there!




Amy Valentini

SEDUCING A SINGLE LADY is waiting for me on my reader and I’ve got it scheduled for review in early March – looking forward to reading it. : )
Sounds like you’re a busy lady – Congrats. Can’t wait to see the new cover. xoxo

Maya Rodale

Can’t wait for your review. I hope you love it! :) Meanwhile, oh goodness, I am SO EXCITED to share that cover!

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