Romance on the radio

Curious about the romance genre or about my strong opinions on the matter? Check out this radio interview.

A wonderful thing happened on my recent visit to North Carolina: I was invited to talk about romance on a radio show hosted by D.G. Martin.

First confession: I was happily surprised that a radio show wanted to talk about romance. Outside of our little romance community, our bestselling genre doesn’t get much attention (Unless it’s about Fifty Shades of Grey or erotica). But I think it’s so smart of media outlets to focus on such a popular genre that appeals to such a large, diverse audience (and one that I suspect has a lot of purchasing power. But I digress.)

Second confession: I was nervous to be interviewed about romance by a man, just because romance is such a girl thing. Horribly stereotypical of me, I know. In my prior experience, many an interviewer simply doesn’t have time to read the book so the questions are general, often drawing on stereotypes. I was afraid of those questions.

 But D.G. Martin proved me wrong and I had the most amazing time talking to him. For one thing, he actually read The Tattooed Duke so his questions were really insightful. He was also genuinely enthusiastic to know more about the genre and asked a ton of really fantastic questions. Our interview was 40 minutes and it flew by.

 In the end, I felt like I was reminded why romance novels are such smart books and why I love the genre so much. Well done, DG!

Have a listen!

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