My scandalous appearance in The New York Times

The good news: I was quoted in The New York Times!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bad news: it sounds like I said my husband is neither dashing nor roguish. And that I would like him to wear tights. You can imagine the fits, tears and scenes and generally mayhem in our household. Will we survive this to enjoy our first anniversary?!?!?!?!?!

Here’s what I said:

Maya Rodale (“A Tale of Two Lovers”) said true romance consisted of dashing dukes and rogue lords, though her husband, she admitted, is neither. Their passion need not die, however; there is always the chance she “can get him in breeches and stockings some time,” Ms. Rodale said. “A girl can dream.”

Let’s be clear. Let’s analyze this like the lit major that I am. Technically he is not a duke or a lord (I married for true love not a title). Though once in our early days of dating he tried to tell me he inherited a Viscountcy from his father, the Baron. Apparently English chicks had been falling for this line for years. But I know my peerage rankings and was not fooled!

The dear, dashing, roguish husband has actually submitted the following to The New York Times:

Dear Mr —,
In your renowned newsletter, an article appeared in which my wife is quoted as saying that I am neither dashing or roguish (final paragraph, She assures me that she would never have said such a thing and thus I am placed in the position of demanding a correction from you sir. I am a reasonable man and this correction need not take up the entire front page.


For the record, he once, sort of wore breeches and stockings.  I have an extremely scandalous picture of him that I am forbidden from posting on the internet. But then there is this. Please witness: 

Maya Rodale's A Tale of Two Lovers/A Tale of Two Tonys romance novel covers
What a dashing, roguish, lordish man on the cover of this fantastic romance novel mention in The New York Times!!!

I should also note that my dear, dashing, roguish and lordish husband brought me flowers this morning and walked the dog and is generally wonderful. I am also absolutely delighted to be quoted in The New York Times, and thrilled that my romance novel was mentioned. I’m feeling rawther faint from all this excitement. Someone please fetch the smelling salts!

PS: Read the rest of the article covering the Avon party with quotes from the fabulous Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Meg Cabot and Sarah Maclean.



Congrats on being quoted in the NYT Maya! 🙂 Whoo-hoo!

And LOL to Tony’s letter to the NYT in response-it sounds just like him. Though it doesn’t surprise me at all that he tried to tell you he had a title. HEE.

It was SO great to see you at LJS and the Lit Signing this week Maya! Hope all of your books sold out! 🙂 *hugs*


Thanks, Lisa! It was so great to see you there! 🙂

Laura T

Congrats on being quoted in the NYT–that’s wonderful! You and your books deserve the attention.

However, I find your new book (A Tale of Two Tonys) to be somewhat scary since it appears he is making googly eyes at himself. Sorry to say this to one of my fav authors, but I’m not sure this one will win any awards!

Leslie Carroll

Leave it to journalists to get it wrong in their zeal to get it right! I do know that the writer of the article was a woman (not a Mr.) because she wrote an article the day before in which Alec Baldwin deboned her fish at a Sagaponack restaurant (the Hamptons) and I think she thought he was flirting with her. I know Alec, so my mother sends me anything that mentions his name … which is how I saw the article mentioning Maya (and, obliquely, Tony).

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