Who’s Who at The London Weekly

The Writing Girls and their dear Mr. Knightly aren’t the only one’s churning out London’s most popular newspaper. There’s a lively bunch of characters you may meet. Can you believe I made this stuff up but had to refer back to the book for some of these characters? Here’s the cheat sheet:

Derek Knightly: owner, editor, proprietor. Here’s what you need to know about him: he loves The Weekly more than anything. He will be getting his own book (but will he get Annabelle?!). And yes, I named him after Knightly in Jane Austen’s Emma.

Oliver Grenville: He’s a grumpy old man who covers parliamentary reports and other Serious Issues. The Writing Girls are their chatter of high society drama vexes him, but it entertains the others!

Damien Owens: A sort of junior editor that covers my favorite sections, like Accidents & Offenses, Domestic Intelligence (like National news), and other bits. Becomes a naughty influence on Annabelle…

Andrew Mulligan and Mitch Radnor: These men write about sports and can be seen dramatically reenacting a boxing match in a weekly meeting. I’ll be honest–I’m not deeply interested in sports so it’s not extensively covered in my books, but it was a big part of newspaper coverage, so it would be remiss of me to leave them out.

Randolph Winters: Cartoons!

Alistair Grey: Theater reviewer, dandy, and good friend to the Writing Girls. He’s also their partner in crime: Alistair is with Julianna when she stumbles upon Lord Roxbury in an extremely compromising position backstage after a play.

Mehitable Loud: He’s the gruesome looking, but friendly, giant that guards the door and protects Knightly and his crew from irate readers intent upon revenge. It happens–just look at Lord Roxbury in A Tale of Two Lovers.

Sneak over to my extras page to read an issue of The London Weekly and a “behind the scenes” story with the staff putting an issue together. See what may or may not tie into the books!

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