Who’s Who in the Writing Girl World

There is a lively cast of characters in my Writing Girls series, and I’m posting a little cheat sheet here—for your convenience as much as my own! These characters are all of my own creation. For an awesome list of notable real life Regency people, visit Candice Hern’s Regency People page.

  • Lady Stewart-Wortly: Vocally puritanical and author of a bestselling religious tract:  Lady Stewart-Wortly’s Daily Devotional for Pious and Proper Ladies. Just guess how fun she is at parties, especially when trying to reform rakish heroes, like our dashing Lord Roxbury. The good news: she is not successful. The better news: would be a spoiler. Read A Tale Of Two Lovers and then we’ll discuss.
  • Lady Rawlings: They call her Drawling Rawlings because she is a relentless talker. She can trap a person in conversation for ages; it’s best to avoid her. Roxbury knows his reputation has sunk to new lows when even she avoids him!
  • Lord Borwick: Also best to avoid Lord Borwick, too. He’s mainly a drunk and occasionally a letch. He also tends to fall asleep at musicals, much to the amusement of Sophie and Brandon in A Groom Of One’s Own.
  • Lord Biddulf: A hapless, younger son often unable to hold his cups, but he never stops trying!
  • Mitchell Twitchell: Biddulf’s unfortunately named comrade. This name came courtesy of my friend Bernadette, who assures me this is the real name of an actual person. Can you believe it!?
  • Lady Richmond: She is a major namedropper, and the bossy, scheming mother of the bride in A Groom Of One’s Own. She’s based on a woman I once met at a dinner party. She had some big Hollywood job, so she knew everyone and made sure that you knew that she knew everyone.
  • Jocelyn Kemble: she’s an actress, a lover of Lord Roxbury’s and trouble!
  • Lady Jane: She hosts a salon where the beaumonde and demimonde mix. You can read about it in A Groom Of One’s Ownor…visit the real Lady Jane’s Salon, New York City’s one and only reading series devoted to romantic fiction.



It has come to my attention that I forgot a most exceptional secondary character: Lady Charlotte, sister to the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. That girl never met a scene she didn’t steal! Ask her about Miss Millicent Strange…


Yay for Charlotte! 🙂 And yes, Miss Millicent Strange is one of a kind, as is her daughter Minty. But it’s the wild boar that gets me every time, lol.

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